Re: Jamiroquai & Bass Players

Tim Arland (tca@CERF.NET)
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 13:31:16 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, R. Huang wrote:

> Oh, I forgot one other awesome player. Ric Fierabracci. Have you heard
> him? He played in ..ah...well.... ahemm.... uhhh.... YANNI's band in the
> Live at the Acropolis..... THERE, I SAID IT.. I LIKE YANNI, OK?? (I feel
> soo much better after I've admitted it to the whole group...ahhhh).
> Anyways, this guy is for sure one very bad mellow farmer (from Repo Man's
> creative TV editing of the nasty, MF.. work with me.. it'll take time,
> ok?). If you do want to check him out, track #4 on that album, "the rain
> must fall" has of his solo's. As JB would say, "*He* ought to be ashamed
> of *himself*, leave that poor *bass* alone.." I'd highly recommend this
> album. There are some incredible artists in this line up.

hmm, well I'll take your word for it :) But...since we're now getting
into confessions..I'll confess that I spent a number of years as an avid
fan of Phil Lesh and the Grateful Dead...yes, yes, it's true..but I've
always felt that amidst the number of influences to their music, Jazz is
a big part of it. Phil is an incredible bass player, and definately among
the tops in improvisation. Granted his ventures into funk are somewhat
rare, but he has his own funkiness that is unmatched....but enough of the
confessions..i've made my "bass player" contribution! :) peace out!

- Tim