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Erik Gaderlund (
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 13:41:14 -0800

Ok, don't just delete, hear me out. On the 'Nothing Really Matters' double
12" singles collection has two mix that are worth the price if you don't
mind her vocals. First the Kruder & Dormeister--K7 put out The K + D
sessions too soon. Also the Talvin Singh (vikram radio remix), has the
cool Asian sound, sitars, and good drum programming, nice break down at the
end. All intersperced bewteen the ususal Club 69 mixes.
Aosl picked up another Sly & Robbie 12" this one is 'softcore surge', with
mixes by Ashley Beedle + Da Lata. Beedle puts in some latin piano break,
and a little dancehall vocals. Da Lata has some cool samples, vibes, vocal
snippet, and live snare break, gives it a dub/bossa sound. And the
original mix by Howie B.
From Black Eyed Peas the 'Karma' 12". Haven't gotten it out of the shrinkwrap.
Also back on the AJ tip, got the new one from Charlie Hunter "Duo" with
Leon Parker on percussion, just listened to a bit at Tower, but, sounds
like it's got a good grove.
And the latests single from U.N.K.L.E. 'Be There' featuring Ian Brown, got
that signature Shadow sound of the drums, like it. Also a Underdog mix.

Also listened to the Planet V album, but, now its: CD or Vinyl?

Questions on remixes, saw the Theiveriy Corporation remix album, any good?
I've got their Baaba Maal remix, and figure the rest should be good, but,
for $17.99 I can wait.

erik g

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