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Caron Banez (
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 16:12:41 PDT

how time flies! i've been on the list since '95.

regarding latest CD acquisitions, here's some interesting stuff i've come across (some has been discussed on the list and not all of it is totally new):

* rainer truby - rootdown 99 - if you like anything on the jazzanova, fila brazilia tip, check this out! (i believe this will be distributed in the u.s. by k7!)

* nightmares on wax - carboot soul - in my opinion, not as good as smokers delight, but still smooth and delicious

* - ian pooley - meridian, guess this came out last year, but i've just really been listening to it now. fantastic!

*thievery corporation - abductions and recontructions, it's their remixes of tracks by gus gus, david byrne, stereolab, etc.

* covert operations - compilation from thievery corp. - stuff on their label, eighteenth street lounge

* bombay the hard way - guns, cars and sitars

* mocean worker presents groove jammy - mocean worker who has put out his own material and is now signed to palm pictures has compiled this comp from rare groove classics from the muse catalog

* rob swift - the ablist

* cornelius remixes

* montreal sessions - la fleche (this is a great mixed house cd)

* tom middleton - a jedi's night out -- last but not least, i have to plug a truly incredible mixed cd on the mixmag/mixer presents series by tom middleton of global communication which should be out this week in stores. this cd includes tracks by black science orchestra, d'note, and that excellent remix by jazzanova of ian pooley's what's your number (this remix is also on the rainer truby rootdown cd and i heard richard dorfmeister spin this at the k&d ny show). this cd is so smoothly mixed with so much funk and soul that will get you moving and grooving. i can't recommend it enough. pick it up! you won't be disappointed! incidentally, tom middleton will be doing a tour through north america in late june -- i'll post the dates when confirmed.

caron banez

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