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Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 00:42:04 MET DST

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    I love jazzy Brazilian/Latin house as well!

    In addition to everything that Michael Aregood mentioned, I highly
    recommend the Italian label Far Out who puts out the band Azymuth as well
    as other great Brazilian stuff. Far Out puts out "Brazilian Love Affair
    vol 1 & 2" which I think should be in your record crate (as well as many
    other great records.)

    I also can't help but second Michael's recommendation for anything by Joe
    Claussell on Ibadan Records. His stuff is so distinctive and amazing.

    Other great comps in this area are "More Bossa" (remix album) on Yellow,
    "Bossa Mundo" on Wave/Yellow, "Harry the Bastard presents Club 'H'" on
    Statra, "Tom Middleton presents 'A Jedi's Night Out'" on I forget the label
    (DMC?)...but it is great! and don't forget the Da Lata full length "Songs
    from the Tin" on Palm Pictures.

    Other labels to keep an ear out for:
    Paper, Guidance, Nuphonic, Ibadan, Seasons, Wave Music

    Artists to keep an ear out for:
    Tom & Joyce (Yellow)
    Ian Pooley (V2)
    Faze Action (Nuphonic)
    Francois K (Wave)
    Crazy Penis (Paper)
    Global Communication
    Mateo & Matos (Spiritual Life Music)

    Don't forget to keep an eye/ear out for Mark Turner's "Jazzadelica" show on
    the radio and internet. He covers this part of the dance music spectrum
    very well.

    Finally, I also urge you to check out anything by an artist called "16b" or
    Omid Nourizadeh (on Alola and Airtight lables.) While most would classify
    his music as Deep House, I get the same vibe from his stuff that I do from
    some of the other more Latin/Brazilian-influenced house. Very interesting
    melodies or percussion or both on most of his stuff.

    Good luck on your new residency (where/when is it?) and I have to admit I
    am jealous!


    At 01:47 PM 7/17/00 -0400, Lester Wackadous wrote:
    >I am a dj and I just got a residency for a weekly house night, but my
    >background is more along the lines of hiphop/downtempo. I have over the
    >past year been getting into the latin/brasillian vibe. Could any of you
    >suggest artists/labels for me to check out on the jazzy/latiny//brasillian
    >side of house. I am going to have to go on a buying binge to support this
    >gig. I am into the whole compost/rainer truby sound, schema, yellow, sonar
    >collective, buscemi, bob sinclair, atjazz, etc etc.
    >thanks in advance.
    >-les wack

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