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Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 01:35:34 MET DST

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    At 6:42 pm -0400 17/7/00, Gen Kanai wrote:
    >I love jazzy Brazilian/Latin house as well!
    >In addition to everything that Michael Aregood mentioned, I highly
    >recommend the Italian label Far Out who puts out the band Azymuth as
    >well as other great Brazilian stuff. Far Out puts out "Brazilian
    >Love Affair vol 1 & 2" which I think should be in your record crate
    >(as well as many other great records.)
    >I also can't help but second Michael's recommendation for anything
    >by Joe Claussell on Ibadan Records. His stuff is so distinctive and
    >Other great comps in this area are "More Bossa" (remix album) on
    >Yellow, "Bossa Mundo" on Wave/Yellow, "Harry the Bastard presents
    >Club 'H'" on Statra, "Tom Middleton presents 'A Jedi's Night Out'"
    >on I forget the label (DMC?)...but it is great! and don't forget the
    >Da Lata full length "Songs from the Tin" on Palm Pictures.
    >Other labels to keep an ear out for:
    >Paper, Guidance, Nuphonic, Ibadan, Seasons, Wave Music
    >Artists to keep an ear out for:
    >Tom & Joyce (Yellow)
    >Ian Pooley (V2)
    >Faze Action (Nuphonic)
    >Francois K (Wave)
    >Crazy Penis (Paper)
    >Global Communication
    >Mateo & Matos (Spiritual Life Music)
    >Don't forget to keep an eye/ear out for Mark Turner's "Jazzadelica"
    >show on the radio and internet. He covers this part of the dance
    >music spectrum very well.
    >Finally, I also urge you to check out anything by an artist called
    >"16b" or Omid Nourizadeh (on Alola and Airtight lables.) While most
    >would classify his music as Deep House, I get the same vibe from his
    >stuff that I do from some of the other more
    >Latin/Brazilian-influenced house. Very interesting melodies or
    >percussion or both on most of his stuff.
    >Good luck on your new residency (where/when is it?) and I have to
    >admit I am jealous!
    >At 01:47 PM 7/17/00 -0400, Lester Wackadous wrote:
    >>I am a dj and I just got a residency for a weekly house night, but
    >>my background is more along the lines of hiphop/downtempo. I have
    >>over the past year been getting into the latin/brasillian vibe.
    >>Could any of you suggest artists/labels for me to check out on the
    >>jazzy/latiny//brasillian side of house. I am going to have to go on
    >>a buying binge to support this gig. I am into the whole
    >>compost/rainer truby sound, schema, yellow, sonar collective,
    >>buscemi, bob sinclair, atjazz, etc etc.
    >>thanks in advance.
    >>-les wack
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