[acid-jazz] I may be the person who coined the term Acid Jazz!

From: alan pelz-sharpe <alanps_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 21:20:35 -0500

I have joked for years that I may have been the guy who came up with the
term. If I am not then I played a small part at least :-)
I was the exec producer for a TV program (that never went to production)
call the The Deeper Groove. The proposal was with Channel 4 in the UK and
NHK in Japan - sadly the production company went bust before we could get it
off the ground.
The show was to have been a showcase for the emerging music scene - with
everything from Airto (who was enjoying a big Jazz Funk revival) the music
from the pirates such as Kiss and Solar, African (which was really big at
the time), but particulary the jazz dance mix that Gilles Peterson was
playing at Camden - Talking Loud and Saying Something etc.
Gilles was to be the presenter of the show and he and I were in a studio in
Soho discussing the program outline and making a demo tape for the TV
In that discussion we played around with how to label what was happening -
particularly what we were calling Jazz Dance and the Jazz Funk Scene - that
Gilles was coming out of.
I remember jokingly saying why not Acid Jazz to jump on the Acid House
bandwagon that was just starting - and then it seemed to stick........

Well that's my story at least, would love to hear Gilles version. I just
bought his Gilles loves America Album - superb, but have not spoken with him
since those days...
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