[acid-jazz] Soul-Patrol.Net Radio - "15 Under The Radar" (a little analysis, just for fun)

From: Bob Davis <earthjuice_at_prodigy.net>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 13:00:49 -0500

A few days ago I presented the Soul-Patrol Top 40 for March.
Those were the top 40 Internet Radio broadcasts on our site, based strictly
on traffic volumes, as gathered from the server logs..
Of course I publish these relative rankings each month, but what you don't
see is the fact that those are really only the top 40.

We have over 300 broadcasts on the Soul-Patrol.Net Radio website at:
<a href="http://www.soul-patrol.net"> SOUL-PATROL.NET RADIO
www.soul-patrol.net </a>

People are listening to much more than just the top 40 on Soul-Patrol.Net
Radio. For example presented below are shows #41- #55.

What's most interesting to me about these next 15 shows is that although
they didn't make the Top 40 for March/06 they all have a high listener ship.
Each one of these shows has over 1 million kb of data that was downloaded
into the RealAudio players of listeners. It is the total number of kb
downloaded that gives us the measurement, because it is telling us how long
people are listening, which is critical, since most of these broadcasts are
around 1 hour in length. In most cases people are listening to the entire
broadcast, which is great, because it means that Soul-Patrol listeners are
not the type who are "shallow" or who get "bored" after 1 or 2 tracks. They
want to hear the whole thing (whatever it may be). This is most important to
OUR artists because we want to be able to focus on their ENTIRE ALBUM as a
"continuous body of art" as opposed to "individual pieces of out of context
information". We think that is an important distinction ...

This figure also helps to provide some perspective on the growth of
Soul-Patrol.Net Radio over the past year!
I have told yall in the past that we are now averaging around 80,000
listeners/month. Some months it actually approaches 100,000 listeners,
however the number of listeners only tells a small part of the total

A year ago every one of the following broadcasts would have not only been in
the "Top 40", but would have been in the "Top 25". That speaks to both the
increase in the "number" of listeners, but also in my opinion to the
"quality" of those listeners. It means that the new listeners that we have
are far more interested in the "totality of an artist" as opposed to "just
one song". And ultimatly this means that we are able to provide for OUR
artists and audience of people who will give their music something that is
pretty close to a "fair shot". For example, think about what that means for
our newest show, "Southern Soul & Blues (April/06 Top Ten)", which although
it's kinda in "sneak preview mode" has only been up for 1 week, yet is
already up to #55 (out of 300 shows). The 10 mostly "indy artists" who
appear on that show are getting exposure to a whole new audience of people,
who from this initial data, seem to be willing to give their music a "fair

And how many places are left in our society where an artist can get a "fair

41. Soul Comes Home (STAX Reunion Concert)

42. Wilson Pickett Live

43. WDIA Radio Historical Documentary

44. Barbara Mason

45. David Peck/Rob Bowman Interview

46. Will Chill - Rare Slow Jams #1

47. Persuaders

48. Will Hart/Delphonics LIVE

49. Jackson Five - Live in Japan

50. Holland Dozier Holland

51. Bradley Alston's Blues History Presentation

52. Will Chill - Rare Slow Jams #1

53. Bob Davis on the Bev Smith Show (Hurricane Katrina)

54. Soul-Patrol Jazz #3

55. Southern Soul & Blues (April/06 Top Ten)

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Bob Davis
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