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for those of you in Manchester, UK, this should give you an idea of parties to check out. For those of you based elsewhere in the world, I hope this gives you an insight into what's happening in Mcr. Some of the DJs might spin in your city soon...


Jon Freer’s Previews – Manchester Nightlife – April 2006 – Part 1.

April Highlights

El Diablos Social Club w/ DJ Spun
It was fairly recently when the Diablos last took those steep stairs down to their cosy basement of choice, where they brought revellers another evening of Disco and House fuelled merriment. This event sees the Devilish crew coax their first international guest to their underground space for another twilight Luciferian party. Hailing from San Jose in California, Spun has been DJing and making records since the 80s. Spun currently resides in NY, where puts on PS1/MoMA’s admired summer ‘Warm Up’ parties, holds down a weekly residency at the cool APT venue and runs the Rong imprint with SF based Ben ‘Stranger’ Cook. The label has been responsible for a slew of strung out discoey rejuvenations and relicks, which has attracted plaudits from Manhattan to Manchester. Spun’s open minded musical outlook and love for discoid and housey flavours means that he should fit in well with the Diablos and rock their atmospheric basement in style.


Keep It Unreal w/ Mr Scruff
What is it that separates a certain pie and real ale loving spinner from his contemporaries? Well, he’s an astute musical selector and committed record finder, but so are many of his peers. It is arguably Scruff’s zany cartoon type doodles, outlandish merchandise and tea shop that make the difference. These visual aids have helped create a persona, which has attracted legions of fans who wouldn’t get excited simply by the contents of a DJ’s record box. He certainly wouldn’t be a celebrated spinner without his considerable deck prowess, but it is arguably the ‘cult’ of Mr. Scruff that has propelled him to a height reached by very few other DJs.

Whether you love or hate the humorous doodler’s ‘brand’, you can’t knock Sir Scruffy for pushing music to the people. At his monthly Music Box residency and during trips to clubs the world over, he refuses to rest on his laurels and please the crowd with obvious selections. Instead, he plays incredibly obscure music alongside well-known favourites from a whole host of genres. Scruff gives his huge crowds the chance to experience records that otherwise would stay ‘underground’, and are rarely exposed to large audiences on a dancefloor. By doing so, he turns people onto music they would never otherwise have taken on board and is therefore an influential ‘tastemaker’. The bearded one’s attention to sound and smart record selecting means that he attracts a crowd that includes musos and dancing devotees, as well as those seduced by Scruffydom. His widespread appeal makes for an unpredictable atmosphere at KIU, but when visiting the Music Box for a Scruffy party, you can be
sure to hear a wealth of ear-opening records played on an astonishing soundsystem.


Electric Souls Pres. Kyoto Jazz Massive
Shuya and Yoshihiro Okino aka Kyoto Jazz Massive, are two of the few eastern protagonists of dancefloor focused nu-jazzual grooves who have a high profile outside of their native country. The pair have released exciting records on European imprints like Compost and Yellow, but KJM have pleasured neo-jazz heads to a greater extent via the output of Yoshihiro’s Especial Records imprint. This singular record label has released limited quantities of choice cuts by the likes of Sleepwalker, Jazztronik and a host of western future jazz heroes, which have been snaffled up by record collectors. It is Shuya who’ll be joining Manc jazz devotee Kelvin Brown for this unexpected electriks organised Sunday session. Both spinners show support for a range of music, but it’s possible this event will turn into a jazz focused war. Whoever digs out the records with the most enthusiastic sax solo, vocal scatting and longest improvisation display should win!


Rainbow Soul w/ Mark De Clive-Lowe & Kaidi Tatham LIVE
The talented folk behind the neo soul and broken beat releasing Phuture Lounge imprint run Rainbow Soul, a weekly session at the smart One Central bar-club venue. Focussing on past, present and future soul, the resident record selectors are Chris Jam, Tomlin and Zed Bias, and guest live performers often make an appearance. April 4th sees broken beat big cheese Mark De Clive-Lowe bring his Freesoul Sessions club night to Manchester. This live music and DJ based improvisation driven club night originally took place at the Nottinghill Arts Club in London before occupying a monthly residency at the esteemed Jazz Café. The ‘Freesoul Sessions’ occasionally take to the road, with key master Kaidi Tatham and lusciously smooth vocalist Fyza in tow for this session.


Development w/ Joe Claussell
Few follow their beliefs behind the decks and in the studio in the same manner as Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell. A New York based disciple of a spiritually conscious House sound, Claussell’s music nourishes both the mind and hips. His Spiritual Life imprint has brought a number of gorgeous House records into the world, whilst the few releases on his personal Sacred Rhythm label have been heavily influenced by African percussive ideals. When selecting records, Claussell is influenced by the emotionality of the music he heard played by master DJs at the seminal clubs he attended whilst growing up in NY. Claussell’s residency at a legendary Sunday dancing party, Body & Soul, and subsequent solo party venture, at Club Love, has undoubtedly had an influence on his DJing style. Joe’s recently released ‘Translate’ Mix CD shows his current fascination with dark yet affecting House records and how he strives to send a message through his music. It is a while since Claussell last
played in Manchester and his set, which is likely to take in House, Disco and other soul-stirring flavours, should be well worth the wait.


Kindergarten w/ Rolando
Former Underground Resistance spinner and Los Hermanos fighter, Rolando Ray Rocha’s brand of Techno owes as much to the Latin rhythms of his Spanish heritage, as the steely glaring electronic music produced by the first and second wave of Techno disciples in the city of his birth, Detroit. Now based in Edinburgh, UK, and flying solo, Rolando still lives under the shadow of the “Jaguar”, his scorching string driven composition, which united DJs with varied musical loves and worldly outlooks. Since those days, Rolando has released jarring percussive workouts with Los Hermanos, before deciding to go it alone.

>From behind the decks, Rolando treats his listeners to energetic displays of full throttle Techno. He has wooed Kindergarten’s crowds on a couple of occasions, so they’re likely to welcome him back with open arms. This nursery inspired night has always had a rather amoebic musical policy, but in recent times has decided to focus on fearsome Techno and steady House.

Mix tracklisting:

Eyes Down w/ residents Kelvin Brown & Jon K
After going back on the Eyes Down word that 2006 would be a year of resident only Roadhouse parties, due to the unexpected visit of a reclusive individual from Michigan, normal service returns. Residents Kelvin Brown and Jon K are incredibly enthusiastic music lovers, who are more than capable of supplying sets to rival those spun by guest selectors at past ED sessions. As happy spinning marathon Jazz workouts as disorientating Detroit House and strung out Hip Hop, this pair cross the musical spectrum with ease. Aided and abetted by vocal artiste DRS and guest chatterers, Eyes Down show that focussing on the music above any other considerations, can still make for a great party.

Listen: http://www.eyesdown.net/audio.html

Break The Habit w/ IG Culture
Ian Grant is better known as IG Culture, a production don who’s been making tunes since the late 80s and has been responsible for a large number of enthralling brk beat and future soul tunes. Whether recording on his own as IG Culture, Son Of Scientist or Quango, alongside Kaidi Tatham under the Likwid Biskit name, or even in the studio chair behind a bevy of talented musicians and vocalists working on his New Sector Movements project, IG has been pretty good at delivering the goods. Owner of the Main Squeeze imprint and a founding member of the West London Co-op clan, Mr. Culture knows how to select the records and put his sets together. Sir IG undoubtedly has a bigger profile than the last couple of Break The Habit guests, and thus his appearance should attract a reasonable number of Manchester’s discerning clubbers to the cavernous Music Box.


Tribal Sessions w/ Theo Parrish
Mr. Parrish returns to Manchester where for once he is scheduled to spin at a former Soap factory, and not the electric basement session he has graced on previous occasions. Some might see this as a treacherous move, but despite the question of loyalty, good music should reach as many people as possible. By playing at another Manchester venue, Theo will reach out to a wider audience, which will include those who would never step foot in a certain dirty basement alongside some of the souls who’ve enjoyed his previous Manchester visits. A distinguished producer of off-kilter House records and ear-opening Disco re-edits, Mr. Parrish’s DJ sets take in rumbling House, powerful Techno, euphoric Disco and sweet Soul. How Theodore is actually received at a club where the crowd is used to hearing Acid House revivalists, Techno devotees and full-on Discoid House spinners every week remains to be seen, but his set should be pretty special nonetheless.


Friends Of Music BBQ
Easter weekend is always a good time for relaxation, as well as taking in the special parties that always seem to crop up at this time of year. Friends Of Music provide an excellent way to unwind and hear some rather excellent music, before dancing later on, courtesy of this Easter Sunday mrathon. The afternoon’s relaxing musical session, which will no doubt feature folky flavours and other soothing guitarry stuff, gives way to a club session at 8pm, which will undoubtedly up the pace. The musical entertainment throughout the day and night will be provided by DJs such as Balearic Lord Moonboots and the trusty Diablos and Friends Of Music residents. It’s a good thing that Easter Monday is a bank holiday, as ample recovery will be needed after this twelve-hour session!



Night – Date – Place – Time – Cost – Info.

El Diablos Social Club w/ Spun – Sat 1st April – A Secret Location – ?pm/?am
Invite only – www.eldiablos.co.uk

Keep It Unreal – Sat 1st April – The Music Box, Oldham St – 10pm/4am
£10/9 – www.mrscruff.com

Electric Souls Pres Kyoto Jazz Massive & Kelvin Brown – Sun 2nd April – The Mint Lounge, Oldham St – 8pm/1am - £5 adv – www.electriks.co.uk

Rainbow Soul w/ Mark De Clive Lowe & Kaidi Tatham LIVE and resident DJs – Tues 4th April – 1 Central St – 9pm/late – £2 before 10pm/£6 after.

Development w/ Joe Claussell, more guests & residents – Fri 7th April – The Mint Lounge, Oldham St – 10pm/4am
£12 adv – www.developmentonline.co.uk

Kindergarten w/ Rolando and Martin McNulty - Fri 7th April – The Attic, Oxford Rd – 10pm/3am. £6 adv/£8 door. www.kindergarten.org.uk

Eyes Down w/ residents Kelvin Brown & Jon K – Fri 7th April – The Roadhouse, Newton St – 11pm/3am
£6/5 – www.eyesdown.net

Break The Habit w/ IG Culture & residents – Sat 8th April – Music Box, Oldham St – 10pm/3am £8/6 – allthatjazz_mcr_at_hotmail.com

Tribal Sessions w/ Theo Parrish – Sat 15th April – Sankeys Soap, Jersey St – 10pm/5am £10adv. www.sankeyssoap.co.uk

Friends Of Music BBQ.
Friends Of Music w/ Moonboots, Goff, Jon Stammers, Friends Of Music and El Diablos DJs - Sun 16th April – Rampant Lion, Anson Rd – 2pm – 2am (club from 8pm). £3 (club)/Free (BBQ).

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