Re: joan osborne

Simon Brown (
Fri, 01 Mar 1996 11:52:08 +0000

>be my guest to like or not like anyone you wish. but...
>if you don't know anything about her except she's too much on mtv, i feel
>compelled, out of respect, to lay some 411 on you, after which you may feel
>free to like or continue to hate as you see fit.
>joan has been playing tiny dive clubs in new york for at least 8 years.
>she's barely been able to hang on. her album does her incredible voice no
>justice. she has one of the all-time great blues voices. to see have
>seen her at nightengales, a seedy little dive on the lower east side four or
>five years ago, and now, really makes you have faith that someone with
>determination and talent can still make it big.
>among new york musicians, her grammy nomination was considered a serious
>you can still dislike her though....
>kevin happy kiernan

Granted her voice is quite good. But the song is so dreadful. I just don't
get it - she could have written something really great but the lyrics, the
tune, BLEA!!

Yours sincerely (with peace and love),

Simon Brown
UCL Geology (2nd year)