London Live & Direct - Pt. 1

Alexees Hobson (
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 12:06:59 -0500 (EST)

Hello folks,
I am having a great time in London, wish you were all here. As you can=20
see, I'm at work slacking off
in the UK, as I do in the States. :)

Last night, I went to the Ninja Tune party at the Blue Note. I was in=20
the basement most of the night,
standing right in front of Matt Black and watching him work his wizardry=20
on the one and two. He played
many different styles - jazz, funk, soul, reggae, dub, old school hip=20
hop/electro, new school abstract=20
beats and jungle. His scratching and beatmatching were excellent,=20
although from time to time he
would fade out. He was using a small mixer (scratchmaster style) but his=
decks (1210s) were not in=20
the Philly style setup, they were normally set up - I guess cause he used=
the pitch controls a lot. He=20
was using Stanton 680s and I'm not sure what his headphones were (not=20
MDR-V600s though, but=20
some other Sony model I guess). =20

He rarely looked up at the crowd, which was dancing all night long. =20
Behind him was a white wall
where crazy video footage was projected constantly - weird 3D graphics,=20
Indian films, black & white=20
musicals, live shots of Mr. Matt, black & white footage of jazz and funk=20
gigs, Rodney King and
the riots, and a whole lot else... There was another pair of turntables=20
(1200s), another mixer, a=20
sampler and a computer, but he never used them - for use later on=20
perhaps. I left around 2 (gotta
work too ya know) and he was playing a mean funky set at the time.

There was a chill out room upstairs and the middle floor was a funky=20
beats setting I guess. Large
line outside the place, I waited 15 mins to get in. Other people DJing=20
aside from Coldcut: DJ Food,
the Herbaliser, Funky Porcini, the Psychonauts, etc. The next Ninja Tune=
party at the Blue Note
will be on March 28th and along with the above, Kruder & Dorfmeister will=
spin! I'll miss that one
unfortunately, I'll be back in the States by then. :(
=09=09=09=09=09=09=09Jazz On,

ps Very slow connection... &!%=A3&$=A3*&*^$!!!