Re: Throbbing Pouch , DJ Chicus

Carlos Mondesir (
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 13:28:22 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, Marc Wright wrote:

> There must be something wrong with me! I didn't like it at all, and went so
> far as to swap it for something else (Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits, I think
> it got in exchange). Also exchanged DJ Food's ' Recipe For Disaster', La
> Funk Mob, Mad Professor's remixes of Massive Attack, and Headz. Couldn't get
> into any of 'em.

I hope theres nothing wrong with you cause if there is I got it too.
Last year I heard so much hype about it that I ran out and snatched
up the Rissalecki E.P. with Throbbing Pouch/Snatch. It now sits too far
back in my record cabinet to collect dust. I'd say the same for Mad
Professor (which was panned all around) and Funki Porcini's Hed Phone Sex.
Recipe for Disaster has got some shit on it that's wicked IMO though.

This just illustrates the diverse tastes on the list i guess so don't
*neccessarily* believe the hype.

Having said that I'm gonna hype DJ Chicus who I've read will be throwing
down at Nell's in NYC this week. I had the pleasure of his company late
last year when he visited and turned out the dancefloor at one of the local
clubs. His mixed tape is still in heavy rotation in my funkmobile
with beautiful blunted beats and an excellent drum and bass (I'm another
grudging convert) side. Nell's downstairs sweatbox should be the place to

Some folks have added their latest playlist to their posts. In the last
week I've noticed that my 1 year old spontaneously drops into a head nod
and baby skank at the sound of the following hits:

Chocolate Elvis - Tosca (old for the list I know but not for a 1 year old)
In the Garden of Eden - Courtney Pine
Searching For Soul - Jake Wade and he Soul Searchers