Re: Throbbing Pouch, (but not) DJ Chicus
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 20:51:24 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, Carlos Mondesir wrote:

> I hope theres nothing wrong with you cause if there is I got it too.
> Last year I heard so much hype about it that I ran out and snatched
> up the Rissalecki E.P. with Throbbing Pouch/Snatch. It now sits too far
> back in my record cabinet to collect dust. I'd say the same for Mad
> Professor (which was panned all around) and Funki Porcini's Hed Phone Sex.

...Hey, whoa! Wait a sec. I thought he was being sarcastic. I mean, Barry

> Recipe for Disaster has got some shit on it that's wicked IMO though.

...Agreed. But I still can't get enough of that Hed Phone Sex. How about
9 Lazy 9's "The Herb"?

> This just illustrates the diverse tastes on the list i guess so don't
> *neccessarily* believe the hype.

...Y'mean! Got a Mother Earth "People Tree" to give cheap and wish I
could get Corduroy's "Out of Here" outta here. (Oooh, hot flames on the
back o' me neck.)