Elson Trinidad (
Wed, 6 Mar 1996 17:54:41 -0800 (PST)


I'm not going to argue nor am I going to support what you said.

I have seen some listservs grow up and mature as very successful
newsgroups, and I have seen some that have just flopped as a newsgroup
and have continued to be lists.

I PREDICT the list will EVENTUALLY evolve into a newsgroup. Such is the
course of things. And I think it will be a pretty successful newsgroup.
But it will only when the time is right.

The time now is not yet right.

Normally I would be real supportive of a newsgroup, but my provider is
one of those providers that feeds me articles that are 1-2 days late.
Nowadays I don't read newsgroups as much.

It's weird; sometimes I get real nauseated by seeing another topic on the
jazz list pop up, and sometimes I'm real into a topic. I would guess this
is the same way for everybody.

The REAL problem with news is that despite its uniform distribution on
the USENET, the actual way people receive news is sort of varied.
Some people use nn, rn , trn or tin on their UNIX shells, some use FreeAgent,
Netscape, et al for news. And some people don't even understand what this
newsgroup things is. "Subscribe to a newsgroup? How much do I have to pay?"
Once everyone agrees on a more-or-less standardized format, news will flow

Then we have to think about technology. It's no surprise that the WWW is
the fastest growing part of the Internet. It might not be very
unrealistic to envision finding out about AJ releases and discussing
what is and what isn't acid jazz or the origins of rap <snicker - let's
face it, some things never die> in 1998 or so, all by going to a
soupped-up hyper Java Real Quick Shockwave Time page.

Maybe by then the conventional idea of newsgroups might be long obsolete.

I would guess the reason behind newsgrouping the AJ list would be to
disseminate more information to more people. I'm all for that, and I'm
not one of those people who like to keep things exclusive and elitist.
However, at least for now - until the time is right - the best way to do
that is to publicize our list more on the newsgroups so those that want
to join in can join in.


Elson Trinidad, Los Angeles, CA
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