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Elson Trinidad (
Wed, 6 Mar 1996 17:32:34 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 6 Mar 1996, brandon p ballos wrote:

> > ...Y'mean! Got a Mother Earth "People Tree" to give cheap and wish I
> > could get Corduroy's "Out of Here" outta here. (Oooh, hot flames on the
> > back o' me neck.)

> I would have to agree with you on those two. Why is it that all the stuff
> I've bought domestic US on Hollywood Records/Acid-Jazz has been a big fat
> disappointment?

It's just bad coincidence. Obviously Hollywood Recs. wanted the most
recent (at the time of the distribution deal) releases, so that's what
they got.

> Here's a brief rundown of my disappointments:
> Brand New Heavies--ORiginal Flava--
> this sucked. Their drummer can't sing. I _Love_ N'dea Davenport's voice,
> and it didn't appear anywhere on this album. Their other stuff IMHO is

Actually, I think Jan Kincaid's voice is cool. Keep in mind that Original
Flava is basically an album of songs and DEMOS of songs in the pre-N'Dea
era. Sort of like the Beatles Anthology record with Pete Best playing
drums on some of the songs. (I'd better shut up now, since I tend to get
in trouble when I briefly make non-AJ references :))

> Corduroy--Out of Here--

I agree it wasn't so hot. But like I said, they had to release the "most
recent" albums by their artists.

> MOther Earth--The people tree--
> Jesse is a cool song. I didn't like the rest of the album.

I think the album is okay. You might get flamed, though. :)

On the other hand, Hollywood Recs. DID release JTQ's "In The Hand of the
Inevitable." True, most people think it's not their best work, but don't
go around saying it sucks!

They also release the new Mother Earth album, but I have no idea what
that one sounds like.


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