Wed 06 Mar 1996 23:11 EST

i guess this is in reply to both Jason's and Elson's posts
(i'd imagine there will be quite a few more)...

i have to admit that i didn't fully read either one of their posts;
know why ?
i've seen all the arguments before...both pro and con.
i've seen mailing lists, and even newsgroups, come and go.
i've seen (and i'm currently subscribe to) mailing lists and newsgroups
that discuss the same they CAN live together in the same world.
flame-bait is alot easier to come by on the newsgroups, but they are
easily found on mailing lists too...

one solution ?
no postings to the newsgroup (if legitimately set up thru the voting on
alt.config) about the subscription info to this mailing list.
sounds elitist ? maybe. but it's really the only way to keep most of
the *un-friendly* netizen's away from our sanctuary. people will still
find their way here though - unless this becomes a moderated mailing
list (anyone up for THAT job?).

now...discuss amongst yourselves ;)