Pretty much of local interest; Was: Florida!!!!!
Fri, 8 Mar 1996 22:52:05 -0500 (EST)

On 8 Mar 1996, Michael wrote:

> To help Jason out for his Florida trip (and I suppose to update others

I already sent some info on G'ville to Jason, but I didn't know the Full
Circle was shut down, although I've been wondering what was happening
with it. A fellow doc student's sons bought it a while back and I
expected some changes. I also mentioned Simon's, maybe a little too
negatively from one bad experience some time ago. As you said, Sam Rivers
will be here. He'll be playing with his trio at the Jazz and Pop Festival
at the Florida Theatre next Saturday the 16th. I'll be there because this
is about as good as it gets here. Bela Fleck will be there and our local
funky groove-playing group, What It Is. Rivers, a septuagenarian whose
played with many of the jazz greats, has a trio with two young fellows on
drums and bass (and some supplementary horn work). I heard them a couple
of weeks ago when they played here at the Covered Dish. They billed
themselves as an acid jazz group and the local rag's weekly entertainment
section ran a story that included a fairly good description of acid jazz.
However, having heard them play, I wouldn't classify their music as acid
jazz without stretching a lot. What they do mostly is pretty open jams
starting with Rivers' very progressive sax playing. It's very complex,
abstract stuff that has roots going pretty far back in the jazz scene,
but which most people, even those who claim to like jazz standards, can't
listen to for very long. I was surprised that the young crowd seemed to
enjoy this as much as they did, but I got the impression that they were
mostly people who don't listen to this type of music but felt "hip"
because they were there listening to it that night. I expect more of the
same attitude at upcoming "festival." The trio did get a little funky at
a couple of points, but not enough to make me feel like moving to the
groove. It just wasn't that kind of music. I was a little disappointed,
but at the same time quite impressed by this man who looks pretty frail,
yet who blasted out two sets, playing great jazz on sax and flute, and
seemed to have plenty of energy and spirit through the night (the opening
act had canceled, so they were the only group that night). The trio has
put out a recording, but I believe I read that it is only on tape. I don't
recall the title, but the trio is currently (according to the festival
flyer) calling itself "Sam Rivers & the Dance Science Orchestra."

Thanks for the update on the Orlando club scene, Michael. I still have to
get down there myself--maybe for the St. Pat's event. Is it possible to
get an invite at Bad Moods the day of? (Have been diggin' the Darker Side
of Jazz of late, along with Throbbin' Pouch and a whole lot of other
great stuff. Just got a taste of pork today--in the used bin at
Schoolkids! What luck! "The Sheriff" took that crick out of my
hip joint already, praise the FB! Sorry, Jason, I got there before you
hit town. This is the same place I found K&D's G-Stoned for 4 bucks.)