Sat, 9 Mar 1996 01:59:44 -0800

I would have to be a "yes" voter.

Also for purely selfish reasons.

I am not into jungle, I am not into anything remotely
approaching techno, I prefer LIVE music played by
LIVE musicians, and this is the only sub-genre of the
AJ scene that I really go for.

BUT THE MAIN reason I would have to support the
creation of a newsgroup is because the traffic on this
list has become unbelievable! I mean, I just spent
two days without checking my mail, and when I
finally got around to it I had *80* messages to
sift through! When one isn't into the sub-genres
mentioned above, that can be a fairly tedious

Having a newsgroup might defray many of the
posts that are off-topic, as well...perhaps we'd
see a core group stay on the list, making the
discussion much more focused, while those
only wishing to lurk or browse might fulfill
those urges on the newsgroup.

Just a thought...


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