Re: Vadim, Tek9, SNC...

Mark Allerton (
Sat, 09 Mar 1996 11:23:39 +0000

Tyler Askew wrote:
> TEK 9 - Lp out and smokin'...I expected strictly jungle, but was
> sweetly surprised by some of the dopest hiphop beats I
> have peeped in a while...I think there is remix work by
> King Britt, and one track even has an mc laying down
> lyrics...

I picked this one up yesterday, and it really is a great LP. I think they called it
"It's Not What You Think" for exactly the reason you were surprised. Don't know
about the US version, but the copy I bought came with a bonus CD of previous Tek9
singles, which is a great collection of Drum&Bass stuff. There are two tracks with
an MC on my version, and the tracks end up sounding like The Roots on a very good
(and laid back) day.

If you like the drum+bass stuff on this LP, the LP "Jacobs Optical Stairway" is
well worth getting if you haven't already. It's pretty much the same crew...