Re: Greyboys

Jim Ayson (
Sat, 9 Mar 96 19:38 PST

Ok, after all the talk here about Greyboy and the Greyboy All-Stars, I did
some hunting and was able to find a CD of their 1993 Ubiquity album
"Freestylin'" (with Harold Todd on sax and flute & Marc Antoine on guitar).
Lemme tell ya, it was NOT easy to find this in Manila so I was lucky to find
this (anyone from Ubiquity out there - who are your Philippine distributors??)

Anyone have their impressions of this album - it would be interesting to
hear of them. My impression was the album was an ok collection of sax and
guitar jams over sampled rhythm loops - but I was expecting to hear more
live drums and bass (though there were some live percussion, bass, and drums
one or two cuts). The tunes were basically one or two chord vamps, not very
many changes. But did it groove? absolutely.

I suppose I can get more info from their home page - but would like to hear
the answers from here as well. Ok, the question I get after listening to
this is... who or what is GREYBOY??? Is it a person, a musician, a band, a
label, a production outfit (this album is recorded, produced, and mixed by
Greyboy). Info on the CD itself is skimpy - There is no booklet, no liner
notes except credits, so .... ??

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