Re: searching / SNC Subs / AJ may kil my wallet

Dirk van den Heuvel (
Sun, 10 Mar 1996 12:20:06 -0600

>I'm sure you've beard this before, but Cargo could probably make a small
>fortune if they started a mail order. It would sure help me out living down
>here where anything other than Meatloaf and Garth Brooks is considered "hard
>to get".
>Thanks again,
we just hired a new salesperson and one of her responsibilities is to get
the mail order dept set-up (she has alot of experience doing mail order
having been the pres of the Smashing Pumpkins fan club :> ). We're hoping it
will be set-up and ready to roll no later than summer. The main problems are
organizing the catalogs and sorting out credit card payments with our bank.
But it will happen. Soon.

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