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Tue, 12 Mar 96 14:09:37 +0100


Here are some things happening in France:

The Cool Sessions vol. 2 is out, it's on Jimmy Jay records and
distributed by Virgin France. Featured artists are:

Lady Laistee
Say C.
Soul Jungle Band Gang
Movez' Lang
Madison le Bourreau & Chrysto le Barbare (both from Democrates D)
Bambi Cruz (a Solaar dancer)
Mista Chick Clan
Typical Fefe
Osez (from Sens Unik)
Bo Profet
Addis Posse

As you can see, none of them is really famous, but it's of course the
point of these Sessions (at the time of vol. 1, only Solaar was known,
and by the way Solaar and Jimmy Jay don't seem to be in talking terms
anymore...). The the J. Jay touch can be felt on these tracks (I only
had a very quick listen), that are mostly in a more hardcore vein than
vol. 1, but still grooving.

For La Funk Mob fans, Boom Bass has done one track on Jane Birkin's
(!) last LP, which is an album of Serge Gainsbourg (ex-Jane Birkin
husband) covers. The track is "Ford Mustang", it's done in a pretty
classic LFM style (more like the hip hop size of "Casse les
frontieres...", I would say), but of course since you have lyrics and
all the stuff, it's not really like a usual LFM track. Funny to see
how Boom Bass managed to adapt his style to this difficult exercise.
Why only Boom Bass? The story is that this album is made of versions
of many S. Gainsbourg songs (one by master Hammond player Eddie
Louiss, and one by Goran Bregovic, the one who does the music for
Kusturica's movies, for example), and that the producer of the LP is
Dominique Blanc-Francard, Boom Bass' (=Hubert Blanc-Francard) father.
You can find this track on the La Funk Mob discography by Dino:
(sorry, if you're looking for a sound excerpt, that's not the place!)
To Dino!: could you please read the page, correct my english or
rewrite the notes? Merci beaucoup :)

Other news:
coming out:
DJ Cam (maxi, Artefact)
Motorbass (maxi, Artefact)
Daphreephunkateerz (aka Erik Rug, EP, Artefact)
Alex (maxi, label?)
Source Lab 2, with tracks by Laurent Garnier, Air, Daft Punk
Dimitri LP soon out on Yellow Productions

DJ Gilb-R has his label, called Versatile, with a maxi by Eye
Cube out
DJ Cam's label StreetJazz is dead, it's called now Inflammable
Records; many remixes programmed

play lists (from Nova Mag, march):

DJ Deep
Moodyman + Norman J Bell (KDJ Promo)
Saint Germain + Shazz - "Muze 9 muzik" (F Communications)
Shazz - "back to Manhattan" (F Communications)
Romanthony - "common ground" (World Rec.)
Kenny Larkin - "exhibits" (Distance)
DJ Food - "peace part 1 & 2" (Harvey Mixes)
Janet Jackson - "Love will never do without you" (White)
Nu Yorican Soul - "mimnd fluid" (Talkin' Loud/Nervous)
Roy Davis Jr. - "the black light exposure" (Down Town 161)
Spenitch Presents - "feel n'tracks vol. 1" (Dolo Rec.)
Jacob's Optcial Stairway - "album" (R&S)
Photek - "Yje rain (remix)" (Razors Edge 001)
Steel Smoking - "Ganja" (Front line rec.)
Intense - "the sax lick" (Way Out Rec.)
Saint Files - "systematic" (Intalex Prod.)

one more thing: I dig the cover art of the two Talking Loud discs of
UFO remixes, and I dig this format

Now playing: Daft Punk - Da Funk

See you