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Elson Trinidad (elson@godzilla.westworld.com)
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 01:21:28 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 11 Mar 1996 pyramus@wavenet.com wrote:

> >Just wanted to say how cool I think it is that you guys found each other who
> >formed JIBE and are actually gigging out there in L.A....and I'm sure most

> (snip)

> Thanks Vic!

And I second that motion, too :)

L.A. Acid Jazzers, listen up!

We are URGING you to make it this Wednesday to the JIBE gig at the Velvet
Room, starting @ 8 p.m. NOT JUST because we want you to see our band,
but we are asking your ACTIVE support in establishing a new regular acid
jazz club in the City of Angels.

See, after last Thursday's show, the folks at the club fired the previous
promoter of their Thursday night shows and asked if we (JIBE) would be
interested in coming again the next week. We were supposed to play this
Thursday but it was previously booked for a private affair, so we had to
be moved for Wednesday (just this week only).

If Wednesday's show gets a good turnout, the folks at the Velvet
Room will have us go on every Thursday night, and we pretty much have
control over what goes on, provided we bring in a crowd and help the club
make some business.

So if we get the big turnout and have a regular Thursday gig,
not only would it give our band, JIBE, an opportunity to play, but
it can also be a showcase for other L.A.-area acid jazz and funk bands,
DJs, and a place of jazz heds to simply hang out. I've already
communicated with another member of this list if he would be interested
in having his band, The Congregation, open up one Thursday (hi Andy :))
if the Thursday night thing is certain. Who knows? We
could even get the Solsonics to play here one night, or even have UK or
out-of-town acts like the Greyboy Allstars or Belizbeha play while
they're in town. The possbilities are endless, and thanks in part of the
networking through this list, things are very possible.

Heaven knows L.A. needs a true AJ scene, and this is YOUR chance to make
it happen!

So support, represent, BE THERE! And bring your friends!

plus DJs from the FOUNDATION FUNKollective

Wednesday, March 13, 1996 8:00 p.m.
@ The Velvet Room, 2138 N. Hillhurst Ave, LA (Los Feliz)
(Next to Primavera Ristorante)

Map and directions can be found at:

Or email me (elson@westworld.com) or Mike Faulkner (pyramus@wavenet.com
Or call 310.474.5753 (press "3")

And play a part in L.A. acid jazz scene history!
(If any list people make it on Wednesday, we will personally give you
props onstage!)

Keys/Vocals, JIBE

"And if you can't make it, you better be dead, or in jail...
...and if you're in jail...BREAK OUT!"

Elson Trinidad, Los Angeles, CA
Don't worry, this .sig will get better...