Trip-Hop Ques.

cheverud (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 13:11:25 -0600

I've been following the conversation about trip-hop and, like the =
original poster of the message (Hubert, I believe), I have also just =
recently been introduced to this music and can't get enough of it =
(including AJ). As a result, please excuse me if my questions are just =
grossly basic to the scene, but I was wondering:

I have cd's from both Massive Attack and Tricky. I'm aware that they =
were both born out of Bristol and what has, with Portishead, been coined =
the Bristol scene. Some of the lyrics, the tunes even, are identical on =
the two albums (Massive Attach--Protection, and Tricky--Maxinquaye). Is =
there are common group member(s)? What is the relation?

Also, I just bought a cd from Kruder & Dorfmeister/G-Stoned. Reading in =
Straight No Chaser, I got the hunch that they were part of a group UFO, =
which I have yet to hear. Is this hunch correct? If so, how's UFO's =

Any help is greatly appreciated. =20