What is tr*p-h*p, 303, Dragonfly

Nicolas Bamberski (nib@frame.com)
Fri, 15 Mar 96 09:42:43 CST

>> AcidJazz, cauz most of my track include nice 303 (the ultimate acid-sounds
>> machine) bass/acid lines.
>For us neophytes (= dummies), what's a "303"?

a 303 is an analog bass module developped by Roland a long time ago (early
80's?) and that has been used by techno musicians (especially Detroit to
start with) in a way that it was never designed to be used: because of the
ability to tweek the sounds so much, it has been extensively used to create
high or very high frequency sounds, and is the basis instrument most early
acid house and techno, along withthe Roland 808 drum module. Those two
machines have been out of production for a while now and their used prices
are getting out of control.
However some companies are putting out some clones to emulate the 303, and
one example is the Novation Bass Station, used by a lot of people these days
(Michael can talk about this more in details since he owns one, and I know
it will be my next purchase too).
If you ever have the opportunity to see Richie Hawtin perform live as
Plastikman, he will demonstrate the perfect use of a 303 as a live
instrument (well, live tweekin').

>> the Aphex Twin who I am so happy to finally see featured on a jazz-oriented
>> compilation! It's all good, Compost has done it again. This german label is
>What's the title of this comp? Do you know if a CD can be had here in
>Fortress America? Tanks a lot,

the compilation is "The Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 2" on Compost Records.
I'm not sure if they put it out on CD or not, but I would think so. Maybe
Dirk @ Cargo or Michael @ BadMood can answer?

Also I would like to recommend The DragonFly EP (domestic 12"), I'm not sure
what label it's on but it involves list member DJ Nasir from Seattle, and
it's quite good. I especially like the 1st track on A-side, one of those
good tracks that offer a good compromise between experimental hip-hop and
acid-jazz, plus crowd loves it. It runs at about 100 bpm and is a great
middle-of-the-set track.

That's all folks...
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