Whole lotta Led

Fredric Landqvist EHS/LD 80613 3962 (qhsland@aom.ericsson.se)
Sun, 17 Mar 96 11:23:19 +0100

In rememberence of Led Zeppelin, I've heard a few A-J like covers from this fab. 70's group.

There is one group called 'Gold.....' something that have a new single out spinning the air waves (here in Sweden that is). They have made a cover of 'Whole lotta love'

Anyone who knows the name of that group? (record label, more music....?)

On the AJ topic, JTQ made their instrumental version of the same song.

Is there more AJ, Tr*p H*p, Dub etc covers of Led Zeppelins music out there?

That's all folks!

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