Re: FJK & Foxy Brown Soundtrack on CD finally!!

DeAngela Duff (
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 10:19:48 -0500 (EST)

The next Funk Jazz Kafe is going to be on April 12 at the Atlanta Stage Works
off of Freedom Parkway on 99 Krog Street at 10pm. Maysa (former Incognito
vocalist) is scheduled to perform, and as always surprise guests. Last time,
it was the Brides of Funkenstein.

The one after that will be May 17 at the Atlanta Stage Works. I've done the
last three flyers for it.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!The Foxy Brown Soundtrack by Willie Hutch is finally on CD.
It's about time and moreso very ironic because about two weeks I had a
self-imposed Pam Grier fest (Scream, Blackula, Scream; Coffy (soundtrack by
Roy Ayers); Foxy Brown; Sheba, Baby; Friday Foster) and was very PISSED off
that I couldn't get Foxy Brown soundtrack on CD. (The title track for Scream,
Blackula, Scream is a must have, too. I ended up taping it from the VCR tape
on cassette.) This soundtrack is up there with Superfly and Trouble Man.

Speaking of Foxy Brown, in Spike Lee's new movie, Girl 6, he does a dream
sequence where the lead, Theresa Randle, thinks she is Lovely Brown and she
has the big afro and everything (actually it's one of the better sequences
in the movie).

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