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Thu, 21 Mar 1996 12:25:45 -0500

e Jazz and AJ in SF this weekend is looking like this

3/21 Jungle Biskit at the Up & Down Club (feat. prior members of Charlie
Hunter Trio)
3/21 Telefunken and Unlnown Giants at the Cafe Du Nord
3/21 Mo'Fessionals (funk jazz), Jazz Iguanas and 5 other not so AJ bands at
the Great American Music Hall
3/21 Soulvation at the Elbo Room (AJ DJ's)
3/21 Zanzibar at 330 Ritch (AJ DJ's)
3/22 Duos at Du Nord 7-9pm then the Legendary Charles Brown after that
3/22 Funkbone at Club Eleven (can't miss Miles Davis' bass player is a part
of this band and he's the shit!!) It's an early thing though so if you get in
too late it won't be happenin)
3/23 Josh Jones Latin Jazz Ensemble at the Up and Down Club (Josh Jones is
just back from his tour of Cuba with Steve Coleman) Upstair, DJ Roman spins
3/23 If you really want to stay out late, there's Release 1015 Folsom on
Saturdays which is not really Jazz or AJ but stays open till the crack of
dawn. Downstairs this month is Manifest Yesterday (soul Jazzy). It's a
trippy scene though.
3/24 Not too much going on except for Charlie Hunter in Burlingame with no
cover charge if you want to get into a car and go out there.
3/25 "jazz It Up" at 330 Ritch (AJ DJ's)
3/25 Alphabet Soup at Up & Down Club (one of the original from the recent
wave of AJ SF bands)

It goes on and I'll continue later till I can get these lists on the
BlueVision site. Upcoming cool stuff happening are Maceo Parker at the Great
American Music Hall 4/18-19, Medeski Martin & Wood 4/26 at Bimbo's

Deborah Brand