Re: London Live & Direct - Pt. 3

Simon Everest (
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 17:20:05 GMT

On 21st March, Alexees wrote,

> I also visited the Jazz Cafe to see the Come Together jam session
> featuring Jessica Lauren, Tony Remy, the bass and drums of Mother Earth,
> this percussion-type fellow, and Acid Jazz Records' newly signed Xan, a
> woman with a great stage presence and voice.

This percussionist type fellow wasn't Snowboy was it. He's often
around, but I haven't seen him play for a couple of years. Bit of a
coincide, 'cos he's on that Coldcut album...

> Camden Market was not as cheap as I thought it would be. You can find
> some great deals on sweaters and second-hand clothes, but the records are
> expensive. You can find some great old jazz funk soul records (YUM!) but
> we're talking 10 pounds and more (a lot more). Example: I found
> Coldcut's "What's That Noise" lp for 10 pounds - I found the same record
> in the States (and in better condition) for 3 bucks. "Aretha Now" I
> found for 15 pounds - you can easily find that here for 8 dollars or less.
> Anyway, I did buy lots of records, like a kid in a candy store I guess.
> Jazz On,
> Alexees.

Not wrong about prices in the market, generally very depressing and
very expensive. But it's the price to pay for ever greater
popularity of the area and the music.

Just some babble 'cos I'm bored and Jelly Jazz (The Studio, Plymouth
every Wednesday) was rather awesome last night, and my head and legs