Re: Goldbug and EBTG

Fredric Landqvist EHS/LD 80613 3962 (
Thu, 21 Mar 96 20:57:55 +0100

> >Goldbug - Whole Lotta Love
> Why don't they do a tr*p-h*p
> version of The Rain Song. Or maybe a jungle version of The Song Remains The
> Same.

Finally a Idea of this spinning Led Thread I started, only of pure curiousity. Since there seams to be few of the list-listners that do their own compilations or DJing, or even playing music in AJ bands. IMHO, Why don't all of you try to earn a few bucks, covering Led Zep music, since it looks lucrative, with Goldbug's success in mind. ;-)

That's all folks!

I admit, its more fun to come up with brand new music ideas, than stealing others. But as far as I know, all music around is a bit of everything already made in some sence. With a few more bucks in your pocket, you might be able to create the music intended to from the begining......Well who am I to say all this¿