Re: Goldbug and EBTG

Simon Brown (
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 20:06:24 +0000

>Finally a Idea of this spinning Led Thread I started, only of pure
curiousity. Since there seams to be few of the list-listners that do their
own compilations or DJing, or even playing music in AJ bands. IMHO, Why
don't all of you try to earn a few bucks, covering Led Zep music, since it
looks lucrative, with Goldbug's success in mind. ;-)
>That's all folks!

Because no-one else has heard of the tunes! The whole appeal of the Led Zep
thing is that everyone knows Whole Lotta Love (they used big band version on
Top Of The Pops here in England for years though the original was never
released in full form as a single)
Likewise everybody knows (I believe some even like) Stairway.

Not very many people know the other stuff which is grossly overlooked IMHO.

Yours sincerely (with peace and love),

Simon Brown
UCL Geology (2nd year)