Re: ROOT DOWN instrumental????

Simon Brown (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 11:17:17 +0000

>Also I don't find
>discussions about what's AJ or not very pointless (OK, I'm really
>contradicting myself here...but I'll say this only once!). Anybody agree?

Probably if I knew precisely what you meant.

(Do you like discussing what AJ is? I find it a little pointless since AJ is
music and talking about music definitions is like fishing about architecture
to some extent eg. nonsenical)

I happen to LOVE your kind of AJ. Rare groove and jazz-funk is where it's
at. But what is 'it'? Maybe I should change 'it's name to *t since this
would then defy people to classifying what ever *t is, thereby preventing
*t's commercialisation, keeping *t underground.

We are the knight's who say "NI" and we demand...


Yours sincerely (with peace and love),

Simon Brown
UCL Geology (2nd year)