ROOT DOWN instrumental????

Sakarias Wangefjord (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 00:50:54 +0100

Hi all!

Some time ago I heard an instrumental version of Beastie Boys=B4 ROOT DOWN=
the dancefloor at an AJ-club in Copenhagen. As I'm an AJ-addicted DJ myself
I really got to get my hands on this incredibly funky tune. I've tried hard
to find it but with no result. Does anybody know about it? Then please
inform me what label/CD/LP/12" or whatever it's on! The lousy recordstores
here won't have it, so I'll have to order it - as complete info as possible
is appreciated!

...also some comments about the TripHop/AcidJazz definition debate...
I do love TripHop...but was kinda hoping this mailinglist would contain more
of the funky/jazzy sphere (anywhere else I'd said Acid Jazz according to my
own definition, where TripHop and Acid aren't included). After all the Acid
Jazz thing started out with Giles Peterson (the guy behind the labels
AcidJazz & Talkin=B4 Loud) as a reaction against the Acid dominated club=
in London in the late 80=B4s. A new and indeed very wide style was defined=
to be danceable music with the roots in jazz. This made a lot of music
recorded way before the expression AJ was invented to be included as well
(Rare Groove/Funk/Jazzfunk etc.) and started a new era of jazzy dancefloor

Enough of this (really doesn=B4t wanna be the one to carry this meaningless
definition agrument on), BUT...isn't this mailinglist at present
proportionally more about musicstyles others than "orthodox AJ"...ehr..that
is dealing with the perifery of AJ rather than the core? Also I don't find
discussions about what's AJ or not very pointless (OK, I'm really
contradicting myself here...but I'll say this only once!). Anybody agree?
(where are you guys that are into my kind of AJ???)

Finally...Are there any scandinavian AJ addicts on the list? I'd like to get
in touch to exchange info about recordstores/hangouts etc.!

...that'll be all...

Sakarias Wangefjord