RE: Reviews/Babble

Steve Eisner (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 11:07:26 -0800

>Somebody mentioned recently (not in the ROOT DOWN post though)
>something about a limited edition Beasties instrumental EP. I really
>NEED this info, "Ricky's Theme" is one of my all-time favorite smooth
>tracks. Such a shame Money Mark is not nearly as the way,
>is this the same thing that was rumored to come out as a collaboration
>with Mo' Wax a year ago?

I was just as disappointed in MMark's solo :( But about the BBEP -
Okay, sorry to say I don't have my copy in at work so I'll make sure to
bring in a list on Monday of the cuts. But the Beasties' "new EP" is
basically a limited edition French import... I can't entirely make out
the liner notes (this despite 4 years "learning" French in school) but I
did get the ultra-cool slogan, something to the effect of "hip music for
a hop world" :) Anyway, 5000 were pressed, and thanks to the heads up
from Bambi I'm #2999! It's obviously not all new stuff (for instance
one of my faves, Groove Holmes, is also on there) but, as he put it, it
_is_ acid jazz. And I really doubt that this is anything to do with the
Mo Wax collaboration...


PS re yer review, that's exactly why I _love_ 9 Deadly Venoms! :)