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Nicolas Bamberski (
Fri, 22 Mar 96 14:44:32 CST

>But the Beasties' "new EP" is
>basically a limited edition French import... I can't entirely make out
>the liner notes (this despite 4 years "learning" French in school) but I
>did get the ultra-cool slogan, something to the effect of "hip music for
>a hop world" :) Anyway, 5000 were pressed, and thanks to the heads up
>from Bambi I'm #2999!

glad to hear that :) nice piece of wax isn't it?
anyway, I don't have the rekkid here (it's at home), but are you sure that
it's a french import? cauz the text in french on the back of the cover is
totally funny-sounding if french is your native language (it's mine).
Design-wise (font & lay-out) it looks like a parody of those old french jazz
12" from the 50s. Content-wise, it definitely sounds weird, as if written by
a non-french speaking person and translated literally to french, using words
that are sometimes out of context. Hey maybe it comes from Quebec! :P *duck*

about Money Mark, he had quite a few releases last year, but tracks on the
LP where so damn short! any1 knows if any re-mix 12" came out? I would love
to hear a Richie Hawtin and a Filia Brazilia remix of Money Mark!
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