Re: "root-down" instrumental

Jonathan Hurwitz (
Sun, 24 Mar 1996 20:22:04 -0700

It is from the album "Root Down", by Jimmy Smith which is IMPOSSIBLE to
find. I mean impossible....

In the B-Boys video for "root down" they show the album cover.

- Jonathan

>About the original question in the "Root-Down" post (unless I missed the
>other responses to this part of the post):
> The "instrumental" version of "Root Down" that you heard might be
>the orignal that Beasties Jimmy Smith and called "Root Down" I
>think. I know it's on some hard to find rare groove complilation, butI don't
>know what album its from. I assume (maybe wrongly) that it from his years
>on Verve (too late sounding for the Blue Note years) and I think he made
>just a million albums there, only some of which are still in print. My radio
>station has prob. 15 Jimmy Smith albums and its not on any of them. Anybody
>know the album its orignally on and where I can get it (or where I can getthe
>rare groove comp its on)?
> Thanks,
>Speaking of James Brown (the new shitty reissue) doesanyone on the list have
>"It's A New Day" the album from '69-'70 avail. onimport from Japan? I've
>seen it a couple times but always hestitated and then someone else grabs it.
>My question is: Does it have super-cool tracks that aren't on Star Time and
>In the Jungle Groove, or have all of its tracks been re-released????????
>Thanks again.