"root-down" instrumental

Sun, 24 Mar 1996 20:03:01 -0500 (EST)

About the original question in the "Root-Down" post (unless I missed the
other responses to this part of the post):

The "instrumental" version of "Root Down" that you heard might be
the orignal that Beasties sampled...by Jimmy Smith and called "Root Down" I
think. I know it's on some hard to find rare groove complilation, butI don't
know what album its from. I assume (maybe wrongly) that it from his years
on Verve (too late sounding for the Blue Note years) and I think he made
just a million albums there, only some of which are still in print. My radio
station has prob. 15 Jimmy Smith albums and its not on any of them. Anybody
know the album its orignally on and where I can get it (or where I can getthe
rare groove comp its on)?



Speaking of James Brown (the new shitty reissue) doesanyone on the list have
"It's A New Day" the album from '69-'70 avail. onimport from Japan? I've
seen it a couple times but always hestitated and then someone else grabs it.
My question is: Does it have super-cool tracks that aren't on Star Time and
In the Jungle Groove, or have all of its tracks been re-released????????

Thanks again.