following up on the Babble

Nicolas Bamberski (
Mon, 25 Mar 96 09:39:40 CST

>The Fauna Flash on Compost is out. It's great but wait'll you hear the new

woo woo! got both of them, the Fauna Flash and the new Beanfield. Both of those
releases really kick ass, as do most of Compost's 95 & 96 releases. This german
label has got it all figured out IMHO, from their trully superior compilations
(Future Sound Of Jazz vol 1 & 2) to their singles (Fon:kin, Turnatable
Terranova, Fauna Flash, Beanfield...). They might just be becoming my fav. label
as far as mid-tempo more-or-less (more:turnatable terranova, less:Fon:kin)
electronic music is concerned. Plus every once in a while some of their
drum&bass remixes are top-notch too.

also picked up the Ingrid De Lambre 12" on Yellow: slow bass-heavy
instrumental hip-hop (82bpm) mixes ala Yellow/Source, and one excellent
drum&bass mix. Don't be mislead by the title "poesie" because no, there's no
spoken word or vocals.

the Dragonfly "journey into ambient hip-hop" is getting more and more
appreciation by the crowds, lotsa people come and ask me what it is and are
surprised to see that 1) it's not on mo'wax 2) it's domestic

and the Jung Collective "Analog Cabin" EP on 2Kool: more on the IDM side of
things, ambient technoish with jazzy layers, it's ambient meets elevator
music and it sounds good. Some uptempo too (I think two mid-tempo and two
uptempo mixes). Nice collage of analog equipment pictures on the cover.

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