EBTG & Howie B.

Peter Wang (Peter_Wang@gensler.com)
25 Mar 1996 16:17:42 GMT

OK, here's a request for info to all you NYCers who might know something
about an event happening at FEZ this Friday, the 29th..... supposedly Ben
Watt and Tracey Thorne will be "hosting & DJing a party" (from the recorded
message at FEZ) -- the message also says that they will NOT be performing...
OK, sounds kind of unclear as to what this event is all about. BUT, in Paper
Magazine, the event is called "Anatomy of Melancholy" and Watt, Thorne, AND
Howie B. (of MoWax fame I presume) are listed as featured artists....is this
trio just going to be spinning or what???(I didn't know EBTG were DJs!)