Re: Refried Food?

Daniel Ryan Bidwa (
Tue, 26 Mar 1996 13:13:13 -0500 (EST)

Craig <>:
>Somebody mentioned this record a couple days ago and I just saw it yesterday
>on CD as an import. What is this CD like? I know it's other artists remixing
>the "recipes for disaster" album, but is it good. (I know that's an ambiguous
>question) What I really want to know is: are the songs significantly remixed
>enough to warrant the $23 dollar price of the CD?

Oh my, yes. Or at least for the most part -- the Square Pusher and
Fila Brazilia mixes, for example, rework their respective songs
pretty thoroughly. There are some less impressive remixes (I thought
the first set (the first double LP of remixes; no idea how they're
distributed on the CD version) was pretty disposable aside from the
Fila track (and I may be confusing them, so don't skip #1 just on
my say so)), but in general, I think it's worth getting, especially
if you haven't been picking up Ninjatune 12"s recently, as some of
them show up on the LP(s). BTW, the remixes aren't just from "Recipe
for Disaster" -- pretty much any Food is fair game.

Has anyone gotten the box that the three LPs (well, six LPs) are
supposed to go in? Watts didn't ship them with the third LP like
they said they would, and I have no idea how to get one otherwise.

Fave track for the day: Marschmellows' "Blackout" (no, it's not
on the Food things; I can't remember the label). Nice mid-tempo
abstract head nodder; closer to hip hop than jazz; snazzy enough
that it's been stuck in my head for days.