Erik Gaderlund (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 00:27:32 -0600

>On Wed, 20 Mar 1996, Tim Arland wrote:
>> I think your right Elson, though...who the hell is Us3? I've never
>> heard of 'em.
>This was just bait, right? Oh well, Us3 arguably was the first group to
>get widespread commercial recognition for the "aj-type" sound in the US
>with their 93 release "hand on the torch" with the track "cantaloop" that
>appeared on at least a couple of comps. Or maybe it is just because this
>was one of the first recordings I picked up, along with the Red Hot +
>Cool "stolen moments" comp, that got me interested in this music...and
>joining this list...and contributing lots of money to the recording industry.

I first saw Us3 in Chicago live, and it was amazing, Gerald Presser the
Trumpet player can really bop! Then, I bought their album, not quite as
impressive, but there were some great break beats. Incidently their name
comes from an old Blue Note album, i'll have to look up the group.

erik g