Re: Re: Greyboy - AAARRRHGGHGHH!

Peter Wang (
22 Mar 1996 20:32:50 GMT

>Also check out the simmilarities between
>Tone-Loc's first album cover, and Donald Byrd's "New Perspectives" album


word up!! I've got that book myself and that album cover of Tone-Loc's is a
blatant rip-off of Donald Byrd's... it's one thing to be influenced by a
graphic style and quite another to rip it off and not do anything creative
with the act. I am totally down with ripping off (i.e. subverting) corporate
logos/consumer product identities etc. but it's a shame when it's not done
with any flair or cerebral this case it's just a lame
attempt at packaging.

I must admit that I'm quite partial to good graphic design. I'd never want
to judge music by its cover, but good packaging certainly adds to the appeal,
as many collectors of vinyl will attest. Check out the cover art for the UFO
remixes release....