Re: ROOT DOWN instrumental????

Simon Kiteley (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 15:40:33 +0000 (GMT)

> ...also some comments about the TripHop/AcidJazz definition debate.=
> I do love TripHop...but was kinda hoping this mailinglist would con=
tain more
> of the funky/jazzy sphere (anywhere else I'd said Acid Jazz accordi=
ng to my
> own definition, where TripHop and Acid aren't included). After all =
the Acid
> Jazz thing started out with Giles Peterson (the guy behind the labe=
> AcidJazz & Talkin=B4 Loud) as a reaction against the Acid dominated=
club scene
> in London in the late 80=B4s. A new and indeed very wide style was =
defined as
> to be danceable music with the roots in jazz. This made a lot of mu=
> recorded way before the expression AJ was invented to be included a=
s well
> (Rare Groove/Funk/Jazzfunk etc.) and started a new era of jazzy dan=
> music.
> Enough of this (really doesn=B4t wanna be the one to carry this mea=
> definition agrument on), BUT...isn't this mailinglist at present
> proportionally more about musicstyles others than "orthodox AJ"...e=
> is dealing with the perifery of AJ rather than the core? Also I don=
't find
> discussions about what's AJ or not very pointless (OK, I'm really
> contradicting myself here...but I'll say this only once!). Anybody =
> (where are you guys that are into my kind of AJ???)
> Sakarias Wangefjord
I totally agree! but I'm new to the list so who am I to comment!