Found! vibes and guitar (almost)

Devon Beverley (
Fri, 22 Mar 96 13:33 EST

MHS: Source date is: 21-Mar-96 13:52 EST

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Thanks to all those on the list that contributed to my search for
vibes and guitar laden tracks. I've found a local source for acid
jazz in Plan 9 Records (Richmond, VA). My first visit yielded
Vibraphonic 2 which is some really smooth flowing stuff. Just what
I was looking for! They also had the Up&Down Club Sessions Vol.2
but not Vol.1. I went ahead and snagged Vol.2 even though it
didn't have the guitar tips I was looking for. It did have some
straight up live tracks that convinced me that this was a good buy.
Plans are under way for obtaining Vol.1 of the same. Also, for
those inclined so, the Josh Jones Latin Jazz Ensemble provided a
couple of latin tinged tunes. Thanks again.

"It's all the way (,when it's) live"