Re: One Step Beyond/Bump and Hustle 2

Ian Menzies (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 15:07:00 -0800

On March 18th Jacob K wrote

>Picked up the new One Step Beyond album Saturday, and I gotta send big
>props out to the Mo'Funk crew over in Vancouver for bringing us this one.
>For all you latin jazz junkies, this is the dope. I don't know what the
>availability is like on this one outside of Canada, but if you can get
>your hands on this one, by all means do. Had this one in my cd player all

Thanks J, the disc is available stateside through Cargo America (thanks
Dirk) and should be in the stores they service soon. The band is also about
to embark on a tour starting with a release party on March 29th at the Opera
House in Toronto. Then they're heading across Canada and down the western
seaboard in early May. We are just about to get up our Mo'Funk Website and
we will post all the dates there when we know what they are. These guys cook
live so don't miss them if they come your way.

Out for now
Ian M