New CD's/List Problem?/Oz-Groove

Carl Cranstone (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 23:54:20 +-9-30

Firstly, I the only one getting duplicate messages from a few days ago?
A lot of messages from 22/23/24 March have just arrived in my mail even
though I deleted them all.

Picked up some new CD's today,..first impressions are very good on ALL of
these: (Australians,..all are distributed through Creative Vibes).

Ivan (Boogaloo Joe) Jones "Sweetback". Luv N' Haight have brought out this
one on their "Archive Series" originally released in '75. Get it now!

Yada Yada - "Subculture". Yada Yada are: Mick Talbot, Chris Bangs - its
on 2KOOL records. (Wanna chase it up? PO BOX 6664, London N21 3BW, Tel:
0181-245-7424, Fax: 0181-245-7444).

Ninja Cuts:Flexistentialism, The Joy of Dex. Can't go wrong on this,..2
CD's for the price of 1, packed full of typical Ninja tunes. I know what
existentialism is but I'm not sure what flexistentialism is! Anyway,..
here's the list:

-DJ Food contributes: Cosmic Jam, Spiral, Sunvibes, Fungle Junk, Scratch
yer head, Consciousness
-Funki Porcini with: Venus, B Monkey
-Herbaliser with: A Mother (for your mind), Scratchy Noise
-Up Bustle & Out with: Revolutionary woman of the windmill pt 1, La Morena
en el Viento Andaluz
- Coldcut with: Atomic Moog 2000,
- Kruder/Dorfmeister: Shakatakadoodub,
- Luke Vibert: Get your head down
- London Funk Allstars: Junkies Bad Trip, What's in the basket
- 2 Player with: Extreme possibilities,
- Ashley Beedle: Do you believe in love?
- DJ Vadim: London Mind State,
- 9 Lazy 9: Journeyman's Electric Lazyman, Turn me loose,
- Illuminati of Hedfuk - The worm turns

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