Re: Joshua Redman, Meshell Ndegeocello

Tony Reid (
14 Feb 97 07:46:46 -0800

jl> I would have mentioned this months ago, but it didn't seem relevant to
jl> the list at that time. Then, today, I was reading the inlay to "Peace
jl> Beyond Passion" and noticed a mention of jazz saxophonist Joshua
jl> Redman, and of a sudden I could no longer resist sharing this with you.

imo, joshua's been relevant to the list for a long time. he was on the 1st
me'shell record ("plantation lullabies") and "red, hot & cool--stolen
w/tony remy & us3 ("the scream"). i thought the 1st track on "freedom in
groove" was really funky--almost enough to spin!


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