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I second that motion. I highly recommend the home depot solutions.
There's a cheapish all-metal shelving unit which is 10" deep and requires
more work to put together. It's not so sturdy.
Then there's the deluxe, 15" deep, with chipboard bases for each shelf.. I
bought one last spring, it ran about sixty something bucks, but it's a
lifetime investment...
dont plan on carrying it far - make sure you got some wheels available.

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> Hello folks... thought this might be an interesting thread for these lists
> considering there are so many djs/vinyl heads. I have a problem with my
> "record wall" where the milkcrates (its all milkcrates) on the bottom are

go to home depot / builders square / scottys ... check out their shelving
systems ... there are these extremely sturdy wood shelf units with metal
supports ... perfect for record storage and sturdy enough to never buckle +
will last forever ... cost around $40.00 a unit , and they are huge (about
8 feet tall , 4 or 5 feet long ) and easy to assemble ... you will need to
add some support on the sides to keep records from falling out - I just
simply use wire ... this is how BMF and I both keep our collections sane ...

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