F/S orF/T vinyl

Santiago Cevallos (etihad013@hotmail.com)
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 13:45:40 EDT

Hey I got these for grabs

Mr. Scruff/Chipmunk Fish EP/Ninja Tune
Coldcut & Hex/Timber 12"/Ninja Tune
    Original, As One, Journeyman and DK mixes.
Red Snapper/Mooking EP/Warp:70
Wiseguys/Start the Commotion 12"/Wall of Sound
Bentley Rhythm Ace/BRA LP/Skint
It Spy/Have you got EP/Skint:009
Aleem/Why Hawaii EP/Concrete
Rockers HiFi/Moloko 12"/4AD
    Ashley Beedle, Gus gus and Discipline mixes.
Rockers HiFi/Going Under & Paths of Life 12"/Warner Bros
    Original and Kruder and Dorfmeister mixes.
Rockers HiFi/90 degree fuzzwalk 12"/WEA
Gentle People/Groovin' with you 12"/Rephlex
    DMX and Global goon mixes.
V-A/Another Compilation EP/Cup of Tea
    Fruit Loop, Invisible pair of hands and Monk and Cannatella
V-A/Everything is going to the beat/Acid Jazz
Small World/The Living Free EP/Hardhands
Talvin Singh/OK LP/Island
Hooverphonic/2 Wicky 12"/Sony
    2 DJ Pulse and Steve Hiller mixes.
D Dealer/I know I can make it 12"/Mindfood
Strange Brew/Dream Theory EP/Mindfood
Banco de Gaia/Last Train to Lhasa 12"/Planet Dog
Banco de Gaia/Drunk as a Monk/Planet Dog
    Orignial and Rabbit in the Moon mixes.
Spooky/Synthetic Fury EP/Asphodel
P.O.T./The Trick of Technology & FFEEEEELLL 12"/Fresh Kutt
Mental Power/Intelligence Unkown & Da Steppa 12"/Formation
Jungle Brothers/A Jungle Brother 12"/GeeStreet-V2
    Orignial, Stereo MCs, Urban Takeover and Terra Nova mixes.
Aphrodite/Bomber & Velvet Seduction/Aphrodite Recordings
Mulder/Don't Believe & Stick up kid/Urban Takeover
Roni Size/Share the Full & Newforms/Talkin Lound
    Original Grooverider and 2 other Roni Size mixes.
M.Cain & Bizzy B/Everyday junglist/Macca
The Fifth Dimension/Aquarius-Let the Sunshine in/Epic
Steve Martin/A Wild and Crazy guy/Warner Bros

Santiago Cevallos

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