Dorothy Ashby _RUBIYAIT

Art Vandelay (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 13:24:06 PDT

dear list: There was an auction on ebay for Dorothy Ashby''s "Rubiyait
of.." (cadet-60's) that ended at 157.00 . Ihave her other cadet releases
but what thre deal on this. Were any of these tracks compiled. I know "Dusty
finger" has compiled a couple of her tunes . "windmills of your mind" was
the dett track from the previous (to this) cadet lp and have it(hint: dont
buy the ret of the lp if you have Windmills on a comp) I forget where the
pete rock sample (fakin jax) came from but i have that on a comp. Afro
harpin has a couple of good sample even if 1 is on DF(buy it but not for
more than 35.oo). What is on Rubyait. What is the lp liike is it Mideast

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