this year's CMJ (nyc)

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Mon, 23 Aug 1999 07:10:20 -0700 (PDT)

Let's talk about the CMJ.

I've never fully immersed myself in the CMJ
x-perience, although I've seen a panel and a show or

The list of performers this year is staggering as
and I'm looking for hints on how people have handled
the conference in the past. What are you experiences
with registering? If you did it was it worth it? If
not, did you regret it? How did you plan out all the
events you wanted to hit? Any funny
drunken-stupor-lost-in-NYC stories?

I actually have a little cmj story, to break the ice.
It was a year or 2 ago and there was an electronic
music panel. One of the hardkiss brothers and
soulslinger were on it. So was Gustav Fleur from
Kraftwerk. He was the single person who had no
bullshit to offer, just wisdom, and sadly it went over
most people's heads.

Anyway, this woman asks a question about why
industrial always gets shafted when people talk about
electronic music. ("Pshaw," I'm thinking, "because
it's CRAP" but I wouldn't have said that out loud.) So
in response, soulslinger grabs his umbrella and starts
tapping it on his microphone to imitate an industrial
beat. Then mr. hardkiss starts to make staticky
noises into his mic and then soulslinger pulls out
this microcassette recorder with random recordings or
a speech or soemthing and plays that into his mic. I
have to admit, it was really funny at first, but it
went on way too long and neither of them gave any kind
of intelligent answer. Oh well. I guess you can blow
people off like that when you're convinced you're an

california dreamin',
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